Sunshine Blogger Award (times 2?)

Thank you for mentioning me, I feel honoured to have been mentioned. An interesting read.


Hey everyone! So my fellow bloggers and followers Huguette (she takes the time to comment on every single thing I write and I love that she does) and Shad from GlowUpWithShad have nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

Thank you Huguette!!

Please go check out her blog–she does NOT shy away from the truth…she tells things how they really are and doesn’t gloss over anything. (She is pretty funny, too!) Also, she has some amazing stories about growing up that I just can’t get enough of. There is something very humbling about reading and hearing how differently people have grown up on this planet.

Thank you Shad!!

Please go check out her blog out as well! Her blog is FULL of positivity and love and great advice. Her writing is very down-to-Earth and she gives practical ways to help make your life better…what’s NOT to love about…

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