Let Go: The Death of Being Poor. (With Audio)

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Seeking Purpose Today

woman in black long sleeved cardigan Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

I dragged all this stuff with me along the way.  I pulled my dresser and my lamp and my old mattress into the room I would stay.

I thought for sure I would need them for where else would I lay.

If  I didn’t bring it all with me I would have nothing.

I can’t let go of the things in my life, I have worked so hard to have what I have.

What I have is so meager and small even if I gave it up I would have nothing at all.

You idiot you fool, holding on to your mess.

These things that you hold you think them the best?

Well, no of course not but its all I can do.

All you can do is hold on to this crap, drag it around and throw out your back.

Why do you think…

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