Be Your Own Super Hero: Episode 1 – Guest Blog Nadine Kimmage — Seeking Purpose Today (why I chose death)

If you are unfamiliar with what this is, let me tell you. I asked some writer friends if they would like to showcase their writing skills on my blog, by creating their own superhero. More Accurately, who they see themselves as if they had superpowers. What is important to them? Ideals, values, purpose, abilities, and […]

This was indeed a lot of fun and such a great challenge, people probably wonder why I chose death as a ‘superhero’ allow me to explain.

This fascination with death has been a long time thing of mine, we all know the standard image of death with a long dark robe and a scythe, since I can remember death has seemed more human than some humans (it is still the case now), I saw him/her as someone who was lonely (growing up, their were times I felt isolated and alone because I was so different to everyone else my age), who wandered the universe unseen and unheard (again this brought me back to being a child, I still feel much the same as an adult, though I am perfectly fine with being different, unseen, unless I choose to be seen and unheard unless my voice was needed) but as soon as Matt asked and I said yes, I felt I could hear death whispering and even crying (sounds odd but you understand if you’re a writer), of course their are many types of ‘superheroes’ but death (to me) seemed to fit me like a glove, as if death found a friend in me and I in him/her. It is, however true, without an acceptance of death, we as humans cannot truly live, because we are afraid of something we know nothing about and are afraid of, so next time you think of a ‘superhero’ find one that suits you.

via Be Your Own Super Hero: Episode 1-Guest Blog Nadine Kimmage — Seeking Purpose Today

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